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Emergency Tree Removal in Livonia, MI

After a huge storm or natural disaster, the exterior space of your property may be in shambles. Fallen limbs and other yard debris litter the area outside your home or business and make it not only look bad, but also increase the risk of walking around the property. Fortunately, there’s a way to clean up the space and make everything look good as new again—just call the professionals at ASAP Tree Service. We provide emergency tree removal in Livonia, Michigan, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At our emergency tree cleanup company, we know how scary and confusing post-storm cleaning can be. By providing around-the-clock services, our contractors give you more peace of mind going into the morning. When we arrive at your property, we remove the most hazardous limbs first—ones that have fallen on the roof or that are in danger of falling. This way, you don’t incur any more damage than has already happened.

When to Call Us for Emergency Tree Cleanup

What constitutes an emergency in the tree service industry? Specific situations may vary, but typically, it’s when a tree has caused damage or is close to causing damage. Our emergency tree removal specialists work with both fallen limbs and entire trees, depending on how much damage has occurred.

Many emergency situations are caused by diseased or rotting trees. This can make branches and limbs fall, but can also affect the entire tree. If the tree is close to your home, business, a neighboring building, cars, or walkways, it could fall and cause serious property damage, injuries, or even death. Other customers call us for emergency tree cleanup after a heavy storm. Strong winds can uproot entire trees which obstruct roads and ruin people’s properties and belongings. No matter what the cause, our professionals are here with the solutions.

Emergency Tree Removal in Livonia, MI

Fast Emergency Tree Removal for a Safer Home or Business

Not only do we arrive when you need us to, but we also work fast. This is especially important for trees that have not yet settled on the ground. Those that are in danger of falling or that are propped up by your home or business building present a huge safety risk that only increases the longer you wait. By taking care of the situation quickly our emergency tree removal professionals can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and give you more peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about our emergency tree removal services. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in and around Livonia, Novi, Plymouth, West Land, Garden City and Canton, Michigan.